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Many sales forces are marginally competent in good times, but fail dismally in bad. It has only recently been discovered that the selling skills which work in a recession are fundamentally different from those which succeed when conditions are easier.

What are the differences that you need to put into practise immediately?

  • Better preparation.
    You can no longer wing it by just doing a quick search on the company name and people. You need to understand the industry, the market sector, the changes that are happening, the issues faced by the industry, their competitors, their strategies.
  • Your competition.
    There is no need to undercut your competitor’s prices. You need to have a clear understanding of your differentiators. What makes you stand out and what makes you better. If these match the customer’s requirements, you know you have a sale and there is no need to discount your price.
  • Think long term.
    You have your targets to meet. However, think long term rather than gaining the quick hits today. Develop relationships for the future and remember to keep in touch. They may not be able to buy today, but tomorrow you want them to think of you first and not one of your competitors.
  • Keep in touch programme. Develop a keep in touch programme with your marketing department. A quick call is good, but you also need other mailshots, newsletters, updates to send by email or post to keep your name in front of the customer. You need to send something out once every two weeks. For more information on this and our sales training programmes, please send an email to enquiries@spokenwordltd.com and ask for a copy of the SpokenWord Ltd newsletter.